Don't know how to get yourself organized to study? Not sure if you are ready for an exam? Lucubee Study Assistant can help.

Lucubee is a simple yet effective study tool that has been specifically designed to help students improve their academic performance, using their own course material or sharing material with their peers.

Main features are:

  • Organizing Your Studies
    Using Lucubee, you can organize your study material from various sources into a question and answer format. This can be done simply by typing, cut and paste or screen capturing text and pictures. Once the information is entered into Lucubee, it can be organized by simple drag and drop.
  • Test Mode
    When in Test Mode, Lucubee presents the questions and keeps track of your progress. At the end of a study session, visual feedback shows your progress and highlights where you need to study more.

    Lucubee concentrates your study efforts where you need it most with less emphasis on information you already know. When you return to study again, you can choose to start over or pick up where you left off.
  • Import / Export
    Lucubee has an import/export feature which allows students to share study material. There is a Forum on the website for discussions on various subjects.
  • Internet Independent
    This is important for two reasons:
    1. Students can use the Internet for "capturing" information but do not have to have an Internet connection to use Lucubee.
    2. Parents of small children can control the information loaded into Lucubee. Once the information is loaded the children can independently organize the information as it suits them for study.